Paradox database version upgrader
version 1.31 (Editor: 1.41 , Core DLL: 1.31)

Updated April-26-2009

Presented package gives the 32 bit Delphi programmers a tool for changing Paradox database structure at run time. Instead of having to call different routines for different types of structure changes, all supported restructure actions can be achieved by invoking the single routine exported by the core DLL. This routine accepts zero terminated string argument - PXUPGR command - that is parsed internally by the core DLL. Thanks to this arrangement, the description of all necessary structure changes can be stored outside the main application in the form of script text files. This, in combination with LOG files that store the results of database structure updates, makes the maintenance of evolving database structure extremely easy.

The package also includes FREE script editor that simplifies PXUPGR script creation. Editor main features are the ability to create scripts based on the structure of selected database as well as differential scripts. When creating differential script, you select "source" and "destination" databases. Script editor then creates the sequence of PXUPGR commands that convert structure of the "source" database to the updated (target) version. You can also apply edited script to selected database.

The core DLL supports following restructure actions:

  adding/dropping fields
  changing field name/size/type
  moving field to desired position
  adding/dropping indexes
  adding/dropping validity checks
  adding/dropping referential integrity constraint
  changing table level, block size, fill factor, strict ref.integrity, name, language driver, master and auxiliary passwords
  creating new table/dropping existing table
  batchmoving data from one table to another
  executing SQL action queries

The following lines show script sample that creates a table with structure identical to that of table BIOLIFE from DBDEMOS database:

: Fields: 8, Indexes: 1, Validity checks: 0, Referential integrity: 0
: Record size: Physical 179 b. Logical 163 b.
: Records per block: 11, Wasted space per block: 73 b. ( 3,56 %)
: Restructure version: 132
:#1 Create table "BIOLIFE" with first field "Species No"
:#2 Adjust block size
:#3 Adjust strict referential integrity
:#4 Add field "Category"
:#5 Add field "Common_Name"
:#6 Add field "Species Name"
:#7 Add field "Length (cm)"
:#8 Add field "Length_In"
:#9 Add field "Notes"
:#10 Add field "Graphic"
:#11 Add primary index
IX_ADD("BIOLIFE","","Species No","",PRI or UNQ)


Pricing and registration:

Licensing scheme for PXUPGR differs from the most often used ones in that there is no difference between registered and evaluation modules: The core DLL (pxupgr.dll) starts running in evaluation mode. Evaluation mode can be switched to Registered mode by providing license password via one of the exported routines. Evaluation mode is fully functional, except that "unregistered" message is popped up if Delphi is not running on the machine by the time the first upgrade command is applied to the selected database. Script editor is free and has no limitations whatsoever.
Registration fee is EUR 90 (or equivalent). Upon registration, you will recieve license password together with the unlimited core DLL deployment license. Due to the copyright issues, source is not available.

Download PXUPGR (561 kb)

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